Memo Benumea


  1. -Real name: Guillermo A Benumea

  2. -Birthday: December 11th, 1976.

  3. -Sign: Sagittarius, Dragon.

  4. -Birthplace: Technically from Mexico City, but I like to say that I’m from Leon, since I grew up there.

  5. -Graduated: Computer Systems Engineer, ITESM Leon. As soon as I got my title I ran from Guanajuato, and merely a year later I was flying out of my country.

  6. -Profession: To date I’ve been working as an IT Consultant for 10 years, having lived in about 7 different cities from west coast to east coast, and some of the midwest.

  7. -Hobbies: I like meeting new people, I love making new friends. And helping out is my passion. I like to teach whatever I can (albeit is fairly reduced), and I like to learn what everyone else teaches me (even without noticing).

  8. -Passion: Being happy is my style, as well as making happy my loved ones. I enjoy waking up with a smile and sleeping with a sigh.

  9. -Awards: Quoting my good friend Hugo (who ought to know), I am simply “The most selfish man on the world”.   


Memo Benumea

“Watch your thoughts

for they become words.

Watch your words

for they become acts.

Watch your acts

for they become habits.

Watch your habits

for they become character.

Watch your character

        for they become your destiny.”

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